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To Find out Dubrovnik's History

Establishment and Beginnings of Dubrovnik

Osnivanje i nastanak DubrovnikaThere are several theories on the establishment of Dubrovnik (Latin Ragusa), a widely accepted is that the city is founded in the 7th century, when the Latins from the city Epidaurus (today's Cavtat), sheltered before the invasion of Avars and Slavs in the rock Laus, which means rock. Establishment of Dubrovnik


O Republiki Dubrownika

Dubrovačka republika od procvata do nestankaRepublika Dubrownika (łac. Respublica Ragusina) był patrycjusz stanu pojawiły się w średniowiecznych Dubrownik gminy. To morskiego i potęgą handlową. Republika Dubrownika została zniesiona 1.808-gi year. Blooming Republiki Dubrownika


Recent History of Dubrovnik

When in 1815 the Dubrovnik Republic officially stopped existing, its territory was annexed Dalmatia, where it is culturally and historically have always belonged. It, together with the Croatian and did the Triple Kingdom of Slavonia Croatian, Dalmatia and Slavonia, which was until 1918 was part of Austro-Hungary. History of Dubrovnik from the end of the Dubrovnik Republic to the present
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