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What to Eat & Drink in Dubrovnik?

Croatian Wines

Hrvatska vina - DubrovnikHere is some information about Croatian wines with a long and rich tradition, so you can truly enjoy their taste and every sip.
Croatian wine is divided into two regions: the continental and coastal and these two are again divided into 12 sub-regions. These divisions are purely due to the different climate zones that affect the variety, production and quality of the final product, whose wealth of Croatian wine apart from all others. It is indeed a rarity to encounter so much diversity and so many types of wine, in such a small space such as the Republic of Croatia. Croatia is also ranked the world's standards in a particularly interesting winery and vineyard area. More about Croatina wines

Croatian Spirits and Liqueurs

Hrvatska rakijaAs the wine and spirits has a long tradition in Croatia and a large ritual role. In the folk tradition, like many domestic products, spirits known as a natural remedy especially useful for treating colds, flu, stomach pains and it can be used to disinfect wounds. From ancient times to the spirits offered to all guests, are also often combined with some seasoning. The most widely drunk chilled as an aperitif. In particular, fits with the cheese, ham or kulen. More about Croatian Spirits and Liqueurs

International Restaurants in Dubrovnik

International restaurants in Dubrovnik
In Dubrovnik, for now there are three international restaurants. All three have excellent service, and these are favorite places for locals and visitors of Dubrovnik. These are restaurants with Japanese, Mexican and Bosnian cuisine. Detailed information about each international restaurant

Traditional Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Traditional restaurants in DubrovnikTraditional restaurants in Dubrovnik are something you really have to experience. Each of them is truly unique, and will leave an impression on you, you'll be eager to remember. Each of them is located in a beautiful setting, surrounded by the natural beauty of this area. Traditional dishes prepared from fresh and local products, relaxed atmosphere, professional staff in traditional costumes, are just some of the reasons for visiting traditional restaurants in Dubrovnik. More informations about traditional restaurants in Dubrovnik


Budget Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Restaurant Theater DubrovnikIf you do not strive for prestige and elite restaurants, we recommend several restaurants in Dubrovnik where you have a large selection of dishes at very low prices. The following restaurants will offer a pleasant atmosphere, friendly and professional staff and a great variety of dishes, international and domestic. Budget Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Mid-Range Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Kantun DubrovnikThe choice of mid-range restaurants in Dubrovnik is great. The offer is varied and the choice you have traditional Croatian cuisine, international cuisine, and is the largest fresh fish and seafood. Most restaurants are located in the Old town, but some of them can be found in the famous part of Dubrovnik called Lapad. Mid-Range Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Luxury Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Restaurant Nautika in DubrovnikThe next four restaurants are a combination of luxury, beauty, splendor, wealth and high level of professionalism. If you want to experience it all in one place, certainly suggest that you visit one of the following luxury restaurants in Dubrovnik. They are in beautiful locations in the Old Town center. Luxury Restaurants in Dubrovnik

Croatian Dishes

thumb_croatian_dishesCroatian cuisine is one of the reasons why just come to Croatia on holiday. Croatian cuisine is based on domestic and freshly prepared products. As a part of Croatian culture, cuisine is divided into coastal (Istria and Dalmatia) and continental (Croatian Zagorje, including Zagreb and northwestern Croatia), Slavonian cuisine (East Croatian).
The next meal you will find almost everywhere in Croatia:

Dalmatian Cuisine

thumb_dalmatian_cuisineDalmatian cuisine is essentially Mediterranean, which means plenty of homemade olive oil, garlic, spices and herbal ingredients. The Croatian Adriatic has local products such as cheese from the island of Pag, which is served with olives and homemade bread as an appetizer, Dalmatian smoked ham, beef, pork, lamb under the iron pan, which is excellent, as well as pasta and pizza that can be found in most restaurants. More about Dalmatina Cuisine

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