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To Find out Cultural Heritage in Dubrovnik

Sacred Architecture in Dubrovnik

Crkva sv.VlaheIn Dubrovnik, there are 80 churches, and we'll show you some of them here. Certainly we suggest that you find time and visit at least few of the churches if you arrive in Dubrovnik on vacation. Churches and sacred buildings in Dubrovnik



Museums in Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik has an extremely rich cultural offer. Only in the old town there are a dozen museums that preserve the precious exhibits the rich history of Dubrovnik. Here we will bring several museums, which are really worth a visit. Read more about

City Walls and Forts in Dubrovnik

Gradske zidine i tvrđave u Dubrovniku

If you arrive in Dubrovnik, do not miss going to the city walls. This unique symbol is sending intact image of the city, which is recognized throughout the world. It is one of the things that makes Dubrovnik, one of the the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean. The city walls of Dubrovnik.


Stradun (Placa) - Main Street in Dubrovnik

StradunStreet Stradun or Placa how is called by Dubrovnik people, is the main street of the town, and the favorite promenade of Dubrovnik, especially for young people. Favorite it self is the attraction of tourists from all over the world. Stradun - the main street in Dubrovnik


Theater in Dubrovnik

Kazalište Marina Držića DubrovnikDubrovnik throughout its history had a rich theatrical tradition. The theater was named after the greatest comedians of Dubrovnik Marin Držić. Theater in Dubrovnik

The Duke's Palace in Dubrovnik

Knežev dvor u DubrovnikuThis beautiful palace is showing moderation and harmony which was present in the life of Dubrovnik, regardless of the wealth of Dubrovnik Republic, Rector's Palace had a tumultuous past, it was demolished by explosions several times, it was shaken by an earthquake, and today it is still impressive. Preserves the spirit of the past that visitors is coming back far in history. More about the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik.


Sponza Palace in Dubrovnik

sponza_palaceAll the trade routes of the Dubrovnik Republic passed through this beautiful and luxurious palace. With its playful and peculiar beauty confirms the originality of the of Dubrovnik constructions.
Sponza Palace was the trade center of Dubrovnik.


The Lazarettos in Dubrovnik

Lazareti DubrovnikThey are located 300 meters from the entrance of Ploče in old town of Dubrovnik. Lazaretto Building was completed in 17th century and was built for health protection measures of the inhabitants. Dubrovnik was an important port city, so it received the travelers from all over the world. Lazareti served as a quarantine for passengers.

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