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Solo Travelers in Croatia

Solo_putniciWe give you some tips if you are traveling alone to Croatia:

Avoid hotel resorts and boutique hotels

Distributed destinations with swimming pools, a variety of activities for children are trying to attract families to come individually or in group arrangements. Solo travel in such a destination will be particularly noticeable. Small boutique hotels probably will not have single rooms, and they tend couples, especially those who are on their honeymoon.

Choose smaller pensions or lodging

It is certain that the hostels are not for everyone, but friendly atmosphere is guaranteed. There is always someone willing to society and conversation. You also have a private pension, which is a very popular choice in Croatia. In any case, choose accommodation in pension with fewer rooms, where you can meet with your neighbors. Avoid the accommodation that is too isolated.

Find accommodation near the city center or downtown

There is a possibility of accidental introductions and meetings in cafes, bars and restaurants. You'll also be more moving, because everything is close a, and you will spend less time in the room.


Choose casual restaurants

If you are not accustomed to eat alone in restaurants, that might be a less pleasant experience. If you really want to dine in fine and less casual restaurants, we recommend that go at lunch time, when is the larger crowds, and when there are more solo guests. The most pleasant place for you, with a friendly atmosphere, is bars cafes.

Use public transport

The use of a private car or renting a car may seem simple, but city buses and ferries are interesting places to meeting different people and learn about local customs and habits. It is also much cheaper way of transportation.

Join the adventure groups

Croatia is a great place for active travelers. You can choose between diving, kayaking, hiking, biking, and many other activities. Instead of going alone, join an organized group for such a tour. In this way you will give yourself a chance to stay in the fresh air, meeting new people and learning new skills.


Join organized excursions

Almost all Croatian destinations offer a variety of organized excursions, from visiting the islands, fishing, visit nearby towns and interesting destinations to visit neighboring countries. This is not place where you will meet with local residents, but you have the opportunity to meet other travelers from all over the world, and this is a unique opportunity for exploring destinations where you are located.

Take care of your stuff

Nobody will take care of your luggage while you are buying a ticket, so I will not move from their view of things. Make sure that you have two cards with them, and keep them separately (one with themselves, for example, in one room). So do the same with cash and travelers checks.

Keep a dictionary with you

English - Croatian dictionary is a handy guide that can help in different situations. Although most Croatians speak English at least, it is nice to know some basic words of Croatian. The locals will really appreciate your effort talking in Croatian.
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