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Our Suggestions for Accommodation in Dubrovnik

Why to Stay in Gruž, Dubrovnik

smjetaj_u_gruuPart of Dubrovnik Gruž is perhaps the most appropriate. There is a port where the ferries dock, all who come to Dubrovnik. Accommodation Gruž is also suitable for those who come to Dubrovnik by bus, because the bus station is right in Gruž. Detailed information on accommodation in Gruz


Why to stay on Babin Kuk in Dubrovnik?

smjetaj_babin_kukThe Dubrovnik Babin Kuk peninsula is located on the north end of Lapad, about 4 km away from the old town. There is a large hotel resort with six hotels. More information on the Babin Kuk


Why to stay in Lapad, Dubrovnik

smjestaj_u_lapaduLapad is a suburb of Dubrovnik, located about three kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik Old TownLapad is a quieter part of town surrounded by greenery and beautiful beaches. There are a large number of excellent restaurants and cafes in Lapad that are mostly located in .... More about accommodation in Lapadthe


Why to Stay in Ploče in Dubrovnik?

ploce_smjestajPloče is a place located just on the east side of Dubrovnik old town. There are two beautiful hotels located there, each with a private beach, and nearby there is also a private beach BanjePloče has also a large selection of Dubrovnik private accommodations, with a stunning view of Old City Dubrovnik and island Lokrum.


Why to Stay in the Old Town in Dubrovnik

stari_grad_smjestajDubrovnik Accommodation in the historic center is the best way to feel the magic power of this unique city surrounded by walls. Detailed information on accommodation in Old Town


Selection of the Private Accommodation in Dubrovnik?

izbor_privatnog_smjetajaFor those visitors for whom luxury is not necessary, there is a Dubrovnik private accommodation that is excellent and offers great values for money. Dubrovnik private accommodation is really huge and diverse.... More on the choice of private accommodation in Dubrovnik


Hotel Selection in Dubrovnik

preporuke_hotelaIn Dubrovnik, you can find various types of accommodation from hostel to hotel. But Dubrovnik is oriented mainly to offer high-quality accommodation. Accommodation prices in Dubrovnik hotels are in the range europsih hotels, especially in high season from June to mid September .... Detailed information about the choice of hotel in Dubrovnik


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