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Where to go shopping in Dubrovnik

thumb_Farmers_Market_DubrovnikWhen you decide to purchase, depending on what you want, you can perform on the markets (Gundulić's in the old town and market place in front of the island), and in shopping malls (DOC, Merkante) and stores (Algorithm, Wine Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik House).


Shopping at local markets is the best way to learn about local people and their habits and customs. The best way to buy souvenirs is a morning tour around markets on Gundulić’s Square, the center of Old Town (from 7-13 pm from Monday to Saturday). In this market you can also buy fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, dried lavender, handmade lace, gold and silver jewelry, homemade honey and wooden handicrafts. And grocery shopping is the main market place in Gruz where you can also see what and how the locals are buying. 

Gundulic Square in Dubrovnik

Sales centers

The biggest shopping mall in the Dubrovnik is DOC in Lapad. Here you will find shops for children and adults, gift shops, cafes, pizzerias and a supermarket to buy groceries Kerum. There are also stores such as Benetton, Nike, Shoe Be doo, Miss Sixty, Tally Wejl, DM, Kokai, Mala Mare, Hairdresser Zrinka and others. 


Mercante is a shopping mall where you can find clothes, shoes, gifts for kids, computers, hairdressing salons, and drink a cup of coffee at a cafe that is part of the mall. Also stores such as: Be Young, Mustang, WGW, X-Nation and others. 


The old town and main street Stradun the right place for shopping. Here you can find many fashion shops with different prices than those for "everyone's pocket" to the shop with clothes with signature of foreign designers; you can also find shops of local designers whose products are unique. 


Bookstores are also the best place where you can find books and guides in various languages, especially English. 


The City Cafe in Old Town is located shop which offers over 250 different wines, mostly Croatian and foreign geographical origin. With the largest selection of wines in Dubrovnik shop offers a wide range of traditional products, brandy and liqueurs, environmental and arrangements grown spices, oils, jams and desserts. 

Visit the wine cellar and discover the delicious. You will not go wrong if you bring a bottle of Croatian wine as a souvenir, because it is traditional and one of the oldest Croatian products.

The City Caffe in Dubrovnik


Excellent combination gallery, wine shop and a souvenir shop, which is located in the tower of st. Dominic, at the eastern entrance to town. It offers a number of souvenirs related to culture, ethnic and culinary heritage of the Dubrovnik region. Visitors have the choice of premium wines, lots of vegetable and fruit brandies and liqueurs prepared using the old recipes, natural honey, olive oil, as well as various teas, and the variety of preparations and products of medicinal and aromatic plants. What Dubrovnik house so special are indigenous sweets like kotonjate (dessert of quince) and Mantala (tidbits from the bridge) that are produced in a cooperative Diklic from Čilipi, and there are "bruštulani mjenduli", "arancini", sweet fig ... Looking for a gift or souvenir with distinctive Mediterranean touch, "gosparski" Dubrovnik House is the right choice.

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