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Significant Landscapes in Dubrovnik

Rijeka Dubrovačka

Rijeka DubrovačkaRijeka Dubrovnik is a protected area, length is about 5 km and most of the flooded valley in the shape of the bay flowing rivers Omla. This natural phenomenon has its climate, flora, fauna and an abundance of water, and the special beauty and atmosphere. Many old villas and parks are located in the area.


Konavoski dvori

Konavoski dvoriAngry River in Konavle, and its upper stream, containing the mill circuit, is protected by a natural landscape, while the system mills a protected monument. This is a very nice place that your visitors do not leave you indifferent. In one of the restaurant is Konave mill house that offers domestic and traditional specialties.



SaplunaraSaplunara is a small town located on the island of Mljet. Place a source of drinking water, lots of sandy beaches and one of the most famous beaches is Blace and well preserved forest underbrush and pine trees.


Kočje (Korčula Island)

Kočje otok KorčulaKoćje is one of the protected natural areas on the island of Korčula, as a botanical point of view and the most valuable areas. At two places in the dolomite rock fountain erupts, and the larger of them does not dry out even during the greatest drought. It is situated on a rock so oblique that the approach enabled the animals. The ruin of the pollution and because of their heritage and purity of the source is named Fairy. For this source is related to the legend of the fairy's wheel that vile of water during the full moon.


Badija (Korčula Island)

Badija otok KorčulaBadija is the largest island of Korčula archipelago. The greatest value of this island is lush underbrush, trees and a monastery and church of the 15th century. There are many beaches and places that are suitable for swimming. It also has restaurants and bars that are open in the summer season. This is an ideal place to spend time outdoors.


Lakes Modro oko and Desne

Modro oko i jezero DesneIt is located in the lower reaches of the river Neretva and it is representative for a specific landscape. It contains the largest and most valuable remnants of Mediterranean wetlands, on the eastern Adriatic coast, and is one of very few such areas remaining in Europe. It is also included in Ramarska areas and areas important for birds. The Neretva Valley includes five protected areas, and it was suggested to be a nature park.


The Island of Proizd (Vela Luka, Korčula)

Otok Proizd Vela Luk aKorčulaThis magical island is located near Vela Luka. It can boast of crystal clear green-blue sea, beautiful sandy beaches, white cliffs and lush Mediterranean vegetation. One of the beaches on Proizd declared as nude beaches (FKK). Due to the exceptional quality of water, Proizd was declared a beach on the Croatian Adriatic in 2007. The island is also a restaurant that offers visitors cuisine. On the west side of the island's bays Blato, sandy beach is suitable for anchoring and children. You can come to Proizd by boat or a speedboat, which you can rent in Vela Luka.

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