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Useful Information about Croatia

Important Telephone Numbers in Croatia

Vazni_telefonski_brojeviInternational country code for Croatia: +385
Ambulance: 194
Fire Department: 193
Police: 192 Read more about the important phone numbers in Croatia.

Travel Documents for Croatia

Putni_dokumentiTo enter Croatia you need a valid identity card or passport, depending on the treaties between countries. Entry visas for Croatia are issued by the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Croatia. Detailed information on travel documents and visas.


Traffic Regulations in Croatia

thumb_traffic_regulations_in_croatiaTraffic rules on Croatian roads are the same as in the rest of Europe. Ride the right side. Speed limits are marked along the roads.Detailed information about traffic regulations in Croatia

Solo Travelers in Croatia

Solo_putniciWe give you some tips if you are traveling alone in Croatia:
Avoid hotel resorts and boutique hotels, boarding houses, or choose less lodging, find accommodation near the city center or downtown, select casual restaurants, use public transportation, join groups of adventure... Solo travelers in Croatia

Tourist Tax in Croatia

thumb_tourist_tax_in_croatiaWe recommend that for your convenience and rights; make sure you are registered for the duration of your stay, from arrival until the day of departure. Tourist tax in Croatia


Customs Regulations in Croatia

thumb_customs_regulations_in_croatiaCustoms regulations of the Croatia are the same as the standards of the European Union. Foreign currency is freely import and export tin he value of 3000 Euros, and local currency to the amount of 15 000 KN. More information about customs regulations in Croatia.


Packing for Croatia

thumb_packing_for_croatiaThe proposal specialist travelers are packing slowly and gradually. If you use public transport on holiday in Croatia, organized packing is necessary. Detailed information on the packaging for the holiday in Croatia.

Gas Stations in Croatia

thumb_gas_stations_in_croatiaPetrol stations in big cities as well as on important roads are open non-stop, otherwise the working hours are from 6:00 to 20:00 hours, in summer time from 6:00 to 22:00.Petrol stations in Croatia

Safe Travel in Croatia

thumb_safe_travel_in_croatiaCroatia is a safe destination for visitors; the bullets have stopped flying years ago. Of course, no journey is entirely without risk, but Croatia is generally considered a safe country, even safer than most European countries.More information about security in Croatia.

Laundry in Croatia

Pranje_rubljaIn some hotels in Croatia you can deliver your laundry to the reception at the laundry, or collecting in the room, and take it the next day. If you have accommodation or are staying in the hostel, laundry service will be better. Detailed information about service laundry.

Travel to Croatia with Children

putovanje-s-djecomTravel to Croatia with children? No problem! Croats are welcoming and when children are concerned, and will do everything to help to solve possible problems arising, or to prevent their occurrence.
+ Accommodation suitable for children
+ Dining with kids
+ Walking with children
+ Sightseeing with kids
More about travel to Croatia with children.

Calls to & from Croatia

Telefoniranje HrvatskaCroatians are so dependent on their cellular phones to be wondered whether there is even a fixed line. Yes, there are. Detailed information about telephone calls to and from Croatian

Post and Telecom in Croatia

thumb_post_and_telecom_in_croatiaPost offices are open from 7:00 to 19:00. Saturdays are open 07:00 to 13:00. Offices in major cities during the summer are open until 22:00. Postage stamps can be bought at post offices and newsstands.Post and Telecommunications in Croatia

Croatian Souvenirs

Licitar_heartCroatia has a long tradition of artisan handicrafts, which resulted in a rich and distinctive souvenirs.
Embroidery, Pag lace, Pag cheese, Samobor crystal, tie, Maraschino, Penkala, Moretto, Gingerbread heart, dolls in national costumes, Olive oil, Lavender, Bajadera (sweets)... A more detailed description of the Croatian souvenirs


Shopping in Croatia

Shopping_CroatiaShopping in Croatia is not on the tourist's because Croatia does not fall into one of the top shopping destinations. Whether you go to buy unique souvenirs or Aseptic Zone Croatian Croatian offer of sale, you will be richer by one experience the local customs, ways of life and costs. Extensively about buying in Croatia.

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