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Customs Regulations in Croatia

thumb_customs_regulations_in_croatiaCustoms regulations of the Croatia are the same as the standards of the European Union. Foreign currency is freely import and export tin he value of 3000 Euros, and local currency to the amount of 15 000 KN. Valuable professional and technical equipment must be declared at the border.

From clothing and personal effects, foreign visitors are allowed without making application to the customs of the following items: 200 cigarettes, one bottle of liquor, a kilogram of coffee or tea, and perfumes and cosmetics for personal use.

Things need to register upon arrival in Croatia are: sports equipment, professional equipment, radio transmitters, radio phones, cameras and camcorders to record, record player, cassette recorders, television sets, typewriters and things like that.

Artistic things can be taken out only with the written Croatian export licenses for the protection of cultural and national treasures. Art objects, archaeological, ethnographic and historical objects classified as Croatian cultural heritage may be taken provisionally, only with export licenses.


Dogs and cats along, should have an International certificate from a veterinarian, that of vaccination against rabies at least 15 days but not more than six months.

Tax refund for foreign nationals:

Tourists making purchases in Croatia (apart from petroleum derivatives) which exceed 500 Kuna per receipt may reclaim VAT. Upon purchase, the vendor will provide a form VAT, which must be filled out and stamped on the spot. Upon leaving, the account must be verified by the Croatian Customs service. VAT refund in Kuna can be obtained within six months in the shop where the goods were purchased (in which case the tax is refunded immediately) or by posting the verified receipt back to the shop, together with the account number into which the refund should be paid. In this case the refund is paid within 15 days of receipt.

Information: Croatian Customs Directorate, Tel. +385 (0) 1 6102 333

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