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Croatian Souvenirs

Croatia has a long tradition of artisan handicrafts, which resulted in rich and distinctive souvenirs.

Here is what we recommend:


Croatian embroidery reflects the torture of the state throughout history. There is an Ottoman influence in the north and the Venetian influence along the coast. The prevailing color is red, which also symbolizes fertility. You can choose tablecloths, shawls, scarves and decorative aprons Croatian designers.

Paska_CipkaPag Lace

It is produced exclusively on the island of Pag, this intricate lace once adorned clothing queens and princesses in Europe. You can still see a old lady on the island of Pag that made lace. So if you visit the island, you will not come back home with empty hands. If you want to buy Pag lace, we recommend you walk the narrow streets of the town of Pag, where you will find lots of lace. It can also be found in most souvenir shops all over the Croatian.

Paski_SirPag cheese

Cheese is known worldwide, of which the inhabitants of the island made antique. Cheese can be purchased directly in a cheese factory in the town of Pag, or by private producers.

Samoborski_KristalSamobor Crystal

Samobor is a town that is famous for its incredible crystal. If you are in Samobor, stop at the crystal shop, which offers a great choice. Crystal Shop


Did you know that the tie, the universal symbol of refinement and sophistication, is connected with the Croats?

While in the Europe raged Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), into this tragedy are send the Croatian soldiers who are performing under the direction of their governors, came to Paris.

It is interesting that the Croats, as part of their traditional uniforms, in their own way tied colorful scarves around their necks. This lovely "Croatian style" won the fastidious inhabitants of Paris at the time of Louis XIV., and they have adopted a new fashion item, worn "a la Croate" (the Croatian way). This term was soon evolved into a new French word "cravate. "

So the tie as a sign of culture and refinement came at that time a civil fashion and won the whole of Europe, and today the entire civilized world.


The famous liqueur made of wonderful and healthy maraska cherries, which grow best in the Zadar area. Karst, red soil, plenty of sunshine and wind - all contributing to the exceptional flavor of this liqueur, which is in the 17th and 18th St. was sent from Zadar in the whole world.


Slavoljub Penkala is one of Europe's greatest inventors, who in 1906 invented the first pen in the world and in 1907 the first fountain pen. Penkala is still an authentic Croatian souvenir, which testifies to the importance of Zagreb as an industrial, commercial and cultural center in the early 20 century.


One of the unique souvenirs that will remind guests of their stay in the city of Rijeka, Kvarner and in Croatia, the traditional jewelry of the city Rijeka is known as "Moretto". This primarily refers to the earrings. However, the icons "Moretto" can also be found on brooches, rings, necklaces and pins for a tie. It is believed that the amulet has a protective power, and according to legend, women wore it as a symbol of victory over the Turks in the 16th century.

Licitar_heartGingerbread Heart (Licitarsko srce)

Traditionally, the bright red color. The custom of giving gingerbread heart, which a young man expresses his feelings and love, is deeply rooted in the Croatian tradition and culture. Special occasion for such a token of appreciation is the biggest feast of love - Valentine's Day.

Lutke_u_narodnim_nonjamaDolls in National Costumes

Dolls in national costumes are a souvenir of the Croatian people, which is rich in traditions of dress, which is specific in all Croatian regions.

Olive_OilOlive Oil

Olive oil has been known for centuries for its value, as in gastronomy so in alternative medicine, is one of the most important products of our country. Olive oil is produced in Istria, Kvarner and in Dalmatia.


Lavender flower disperses across the Croatian. It is ecologically produced, hand planting and harvesting. Hvar lavender may without doubt be considered by far the best quality lavender in relation to other European countries. On the sunniest Croatian island Hvar it is cultivated in ideal climatic conditions and favorable undulating ground.
The lavender souvenir is a wonderful memento of Croatia, is a useful and practical souvenir which finds its place in the car, office, home, and because of its medicinal properties and intoxicating scent is recommended for stress, headaches and for strengthening immunity.

bajaderaBajadera (sweets)

Bajadera is a superb dessert that unites the Central European art in the preparation of sweets and luxury oriental flavor. Bajadera the queen among the desserts, is enriched with fine nougat with almonds gives it a unique, distinctive taste. For a generation of consumers B
ajadera is a symbol of superior dessert.
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