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Caves in Dubrovnik

Đurovića Cave

Đurovića špilja DubrovnikIt is located under the runway, the airport "Ćilipi" near Dubrovnik. To the public, as well as a tourist attraction, which is unique as such, was opened in July 2008. The cave has unique content, which speleothems are still alive and growing. Cave Area is 9000 square meters, indoor temperature is 16 degrees, which is really refreshing in hot months, which is pleasant for body and eye. Archaeological findings and discovered objects are dating from the Bronze and Iron Ages in the cave Djurović.

Particularly fascinated with the largest room at the end of the cave, which the researchers named the Hall of the Dubrovnik Republic, it is with the chapel, the most valuable features aesthetically stalactites.


Močiljska Cave

It is located in Mokošica in Rijeka Dubrovnik, and the longest speleological of Dubrovnik Riviera. It is extremely rich of the natural, cultural and historical relics. Močiljska cave is the southernmost site of the alpine marmont in Europe. Among other things in the cave were recorded 5 species of bats, including a very rare "Mehaljev potkovnjak" bat. Since March, 1963, it was protected as a geomorphologic natural monument.


Šipun Cave

Špilja Šipun Dubrovnik CavtatIt is located in Cavtat, about 20 km away from Dubrovnik. It is particularly interesting because almost completely black rocks. In this cave they found parts of ceramic vessels. There is a small lake in the cave.


Nakovana Cave

Špilja Nakovana Dubrovnik PelješacIt is located on the Pelješac peninsula, above the village Nakovana. The Illyrian sanctuary from the Hellenistic period was recently discovered. The sanctuary was abandoned prior to 2000 years, the entrance was covered with stones, until recently, archaeologists have not discovered and explored. Numerous, richly designed and made, dishes for food and drink, and bones of sheep and goat hams evidence of ritual feasts that were held in this cave. Cave is only researched and well-preserved sanctuary of the Illyrians.


Rača Cave

Špilja Rača Dubrovnik Lastovo It is situated on the southeastern island of Lastovo. This is the protected natural monument geo-morphological and archaeological sites. This cave is known as the former geo-morphological habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal, and today is known for its large population of bats.


Vela Cave

caves_velaIt is located in Vela Luka on the island Korčula. So far, 20% of the cave is explored. Objects discovered in this cave are kept in the museum collection of the Cultural Centre in Vela Luka, which has since 1991. It is open to the public and thousands of previously excavated objects is only a small part are exposed.


Gromačka Cave

gromacka_spiljaThis cave is also called a cave with Gromački train; the most valuable object is caving in Dubrovnik region. The special value of this cave makes the discovery of traces of bare feet Prehistoric man. The analysis showed that they could be old, even 12 000 years. This cave features a very rich ground flora. It is also very site of biological species that have not been known in Croatia, and even found some that are completely new to science. The cave with the pit entrance has a developed network of channels in a number of levels.

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