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The Lazarettos in Dubrovnik

Lazareti DubrovnikThey are located 300 meters from the entrance of Ploče in old town of Dubrovnik. Lazareta Building was completed in 17th century and was built for health protection measures of the inhabitants. Dubrovnik was an important port city, so it received the travelers from all over the world. Thus, the Great Council of Dubrovnik Republic decided to introduce a quarantine, to protect the spread of infectious diseases, especially plague. Quarantine was located precisely in Lazareti.

Lazareti are really impressive complex which is composed of ten halls with five backyards and two houses which have two floors.


Today here is Lazareti Art Workshop, Dubrovnik Sanitat and humanitarian and peace lovers association Souls. Also, this is the place where numerous entertainment and cultural events are held.

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