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Cocktail and Caffe Bars in Dubrovnik

Buža - Romantic bar (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Buža bar u DubrovnikuIf you are looking for a romantic place to escape from the noise and enjoy the open sea, Buža is an ideal place for you. It is located on the outside the city walls. Buža means a small hole in the wall and therefore this bar got its name because a small door in the wall above the Cathedral will bring you here. Follow the wooden sign reading "cold drink". When I peeked through the door of Buže, visitors often what they see in front of you commented with a sigh ... aaaaaa .... These are the first impressions that causes Lokrum view of the island and the high seas with this charming village on the rocks. It is interesting to observe the twilight of Buža not just because of the unique sunset, but also because of "shifts" of day and night rhythm, when the tourists leave, than comes the romantics. Do not hesitate to say that this place is worth a visit if you are in Dubrovnik.

Buža bar u Dubrovniku

Hard Troubadour Jazz Café - Music Bar (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Trubadur Hard Jazz Caffe u DubrovnikuSituated in the Old City's core, when you reach the cathedral scans a few steps right and you're already there. Troubadour offers beautiful atmosphere, and pleasant terrace overlooking the breathtaking historic architecture of Dubrovnik. This is the perfect place to relax and talk with the robust jazz music, excellent musicians. Friendly and professional staff will make your time in Turubaduru more interesting.


Nonenina Cafe (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Nonenina caffe bar u DubrovnikuNonenina bar located in the center of events in the street in front Dvor. Among the locals is known as the old name Hemingway bar. This is an ideal place for relaxation and watching the passers-by, after visiting the city walls, and viewing of rich cultural and historical heritage of the city of Dubrovnik. This place is mainly place to go to the local population and visitors to Dubrovnik. 
If you see familiar faces such as football greats Abramovich, fashion guru Valentino or a great actor Tom Cruise's... Do not think you are dreaming. Specifically world stars Dubrovnik choose for your vacation, we visited Nonenina bar. When one day closer to paradise, bar is transformed into a place for a memorable night out.

Pleasant music, professional staff, look at the rich architectural Dubrovnik Rector's Palace and the buildings will forever leave a lot of good memories at this bar and a holiday in Dubrovnik. Nonenina offers more than 180 different cocktails, a wide selection of wines, liqueurs, cognac, champagne and other alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Tobacco lovers will also enjoy their time; they will find here a wide selection of cigarettes, world-renowned manufacturers.


Cafe Rio

Caffe bar Rio u DubrovnikuThis pretty little bar offers a wide selection of domestic and foreign beers, spirits, cocktails ...Prices are affordable and the staff is courteous and friendly. The music is great; this can confirm a great number of domestic and foreign visitors. It is located at 4 Palmotić's Street, or fourth street on the left with the main street Stradun, when he entered the door Pile.


City Café - Arsenal (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Gradska kavana Arsenal u DubrovnikuIt is located in the heart of the city and its ancient walls. Composed of history and tradition always gives a special atmosphere. One part is facing Stradun, with a view to Saint Blaise, and the second part goes back to look at the city's old port. This place belongs to Dubrovnik people who enthusiastically come here to drink coffee, cocktail or try a variety of sweets with pleasant conversation. City Café is also a place where the guests are equally welcome and where they will be in an environment of domestic visitors to feel part of this ancient city.

Gradska kavana Arsenal u Starom gradu u Dubrovniku


Biker's Cafe (Ploče, Dubrovnik)

Biker's caffe u Pločama, DubrovnikThis is the best place for bikers and all lovers of the engine. You will be enjoying a beer, rock music, an interesting society, and in view of the old town and the island Lokrum are guaranteed. Published in Ploče, part of Dubrovnik which is located just above the old town.


Festival (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Caffe Festival u DubrovnikuIt is located in the Old Town - the Stradun, the first cafe on the left when you enter the old city on the Pile Gate. Place it where you meet the artists, intellectuals, scientists, writers... Festival offers an indoor space, where you can enjoy light meals and traditional delicacies, or drink coffee, cocktails and ... watch the passers on the terrace which is situated on Dubrovnik's main street.


Fresh cocktail bar (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Fresh koktel bar u DubrovnikuThis is a great cocktail bar with a positive vibration and good music. If you are looking for a place where you can drink a gigantic beer or cocktail, and meet people from all over the world, then you will not be disappointed visiting this bar.It is located in the heart of Dubrovnik, in the alley which leads into the main street (between Netcafe and OTP bank). If you're tired of pizza and pasta, you are offered with a wide selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. If you are addicted to the internet, Fresh helps in the enjoyment of this addiction, offering free internet access.

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