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Local Bars in Dubrovnik

Galerie (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Galerie u DubrovnikuThe gallery is very popular among local residents, young and those a little older generations. You can enjoy and dance to the rhythm of pop, rock and dance music, but also meet beautiful girls of this area and charming boys. It is placed at 5 Rabbits Street, one of the small streets on the left the apartment if you enter the old city on the entry to Pile.


Capitano Bar (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Capitano Bar u DubrovnikuIt is located outside the city, right from the exit of the Pile. When most of the shops in the old city closed the Capitano is where you are always welcome. You will meet most of the locals, most of who are students or who have been to recently. Fun and good company are always guaranteed. A prerequisite is that you hustle and loud, but good music does not matter.


Africa Bar (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Afrika Bar u DubrovnikuAfrica is one of the local bars, where you have an opportunity to enjoy the good atmosphere, and meet young people of Dubrovnik. It is located in a small street perpendicular to the main street in Dubrovnik Stradun.



Casablanca Bar (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

Casablanca Bar u DubrovnikuIt is located at 7 Zamanja Steet with pleasant atmosphere, good music, hospitable staff, the friendly local visitors, and a large selection of alcoholic and soft drinks ... all this can be found in Casablanca.



Buzz Bar (The Old Town, Dubrovnik)

buzz_bar0004Buzz Bar is a newly opened bar in the Old town of Dubrovnik. In a very short time it became one of the favorite places of local people due to very affordable prices, diversified offer of wine, domestic and foreign beers and cocktails. During high summer season on weekends, you can listen to live music and dance to pop, rock and Latino rhythms.

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