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Payment Dynamics

Payment in installments

The reservation of the chosen accommodation unit is done in two parts. The first part of the whole amount is paid in advance while making the reservation of the unit, and the second part of the amount the guest pays on the day of their arrival to the accommodation object owner.

The amounts of the advance are different depending on the amount of money the agency has to forward to the owner's giro account upon the receipt of the first payment. Thus, the advance amounts can make 25% - 50% of the price of the whole arrangement.

On an exceptional basis there is a small number of facilities in our offer (basically facilities which have a number that starts with 3xxx) where the cash advance for reservations amounts to 50% of the total price of the package, while the other 50% is paid to the Agency 30 – 45 days before entering the facility. This concerns facilities where the owners are legal entities (companies) and because of their tax obligations, we have special contracts with them.
When reserving/calculating the above stated facilities, the cash advance amount and the time period for paying the rest of the amount is clearly stated in the calculation.

Payment deadline

In order to confirm the reservation, the guest has to make the reservation payment within 24 hours of the received calculation, and forward the confirmation to the agency (Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays excluded). The precise date until which the agency is required to keep the dates applied for under the option (rent privilege for the guest) is pointed out on every calculation under the heading "due date".

When the guest fills in and sends the reservation application, for the next 24 hours, the chosen dates are withdrawn from the market and the applicant has the reservation privilege. Thus, no other guest is able to reserve the specified accommodation unit for the specified dates. On the Web page these specified dates are marked in yellow.

If the guest makes the reservation payment and forwards the confirmation to the agency within the due date, upon checking the payment these dates will be marked in red so that for the season in question no other reservation of the same unit is possible, not in the same dates nor any other dates partially overlapping with the confirmed dates.

If the agency does not receive the payment confirmation within the expected term, we will consider the guest to have cancelled the reservation they applied for. Thus, the specified dates on the Internet will no longer be marked in yellow, but will again be marked as available - in white.
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