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Forest Parks in Dubrovnik

Gornje čelo - Koločep Island

Gornje čelo - otok KoločepUpper forehead is an important natural object with Aleppo pine trees and underbrush. Some plants stand out in the macchia: cnika, Terebinth, mastic, holly, myrtle, strawberry, carob and others. The landscape along the coast is especially valuable aesthetically, because its steep rocks grow characteristic plants of this region.


Donje čelo - Koločep Island

Donje čelo - otok KoločepIt is situated on the southern part of the island. Here are highlights bushes along the beach, planted with trees, especially exotic species of eucalyptus and acacia trees.



Forest Park Ošjak -Vela Luka, Korčula

Park šuma Ošjak - Vela Luka KorčulaThis small, uninhabited island bears the name "Island of Love". If you are truly lovers of unspoiled nature, this island is the place for you to relax for a moment forgets the rhythm of everyday urban life. It is entirely covered with thick pine forests. From Vela Luka is located ten minutes by boat.


Čempresada „Pod Gospu" - Orebić

Čempresada „Pod Gospu" - OrebićThis forest park pyramidal cypress and Aleppo pine are below the Franciscan Monastery of the Assumption.



Park Hober - Korčula

Park Hober - KorčulaWoods Aleppo pine and pine floors with underbrush, and individual pyramidal and horizontal cypress, cedars, pines and Canary Agave, located south of the town of Korčula, a ten-minute walk from downtown.


Predolac Šibanica - Metković

Predolac Šibanica - MetkovićThis forest park is located east of Metković. It is a preserved forest complexes Aleppo pine and cypress trees with pyramidal elements underbrush.

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