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Sacred Architecture in Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, there are 80 churches, and we'll show you some of them here. Certainly we suggest that you find time and visit at least few of the churches if you arrive in Dubrovnik on vacation.
Church of St. Blaise
Crkva sv.VlaheDominating the city center is one of Dubrovnik's most beautiful temples rose in honor of the patron of Dubrovnik, whose golden statue from the 15th century is still preserved in the church. Statue of St. Blaise is holding a mock city. The church dates from the Baroque era. Every year on the 3rd of February Dubrovnik celebrates Fiesta of Saint Blaise.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Katedrala Uznesenja Blažene Djevice MarijeDubrovnik cathedral is called Great Lady. It was built in the 1713th in the baroque style, on the site of the Romanesque cathedral from 12th century, which was heavily damaged in a major earthquake in the 1667th. On the walls of the church, there is a Tizian polyptych "Assumption of Mary" from the 16th century. Cathedral has a valuable picture gallery and a rich collection.

Church of the Friars Minor and the Franciscan Monastery
Crkva Male braće i Franjevački samostanA complex of monasteries and churches were hardly damaged in a devastating earthquake in 1667 which destroyed the old church, one of the richest in Dubrovnik at that time. The church was rebuilt in Baroque style. The monastery cloister, one of the most beautiful in the Franciscan order, is an exceptional historical and cultural monument. The museum is located in one of the most beautiful Renaissance hall in Dalmatia and it presents the goldsmith craft items, relics, paintings, rare books, stone sculpture and part of the inventory of the old pharmacy. Library Minor is one of the richest and the oldest institutions of its kind in the country. With the valuable holdings, there are also the 206 incunabula. Here is one of the two existing copies of the first edition of Marulić's "Judith". Recently, part of the monastery and church are a constant festival stage of Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Because of the beauty, historical and cultural importance, the monastery and church of the Friars Minor are attractive tourist destination and and a must see when visiting Dubrovnik.  
Church of St. Dominica and the Dominican Monastery
Crkva sv. Dominika i Dominikanski samostanLocated on the east side of the old town, the church is one of the largest Gothic buildings in the eastern Adriatic coast... The monastery is filled with treasures of culture, history and art, such as Paolo Veneziano's crucifixes and the library in which are the 239 incunabula. The church and cloister are the graves of many famous aristocrats, craftsmen, jewelers and painters. In the courtyard there is a lavish stone well. It is open to visitors during the summer from 9 AM to 6 PM and in the winter from 9 AM to 5 PM. 
The Sigurata Church
Crkvica SigurataIt is located in Prijeko Street. The church has a stone courtyards in which are Franciscan monasteries for women and a museum with a collection of images. On the foundations, the remains of two older churches dating from the 6th century were found.  

St. Ignatius Church and the Jesuit Monastery
Crkva sv. Ignacija i Isusovački samostanThe church was built in the late 17th and early 18th century, by the most important builder of the Jesuit order, Ignazzio Pozzo. The church is located in the monastery and the famous Dubrovnik Collegium Ragusinum colleges, where they educated many famous Dubrovnik people. The church is approached by a complex baroque staircase built by Pietro Passalacquea.
Church of St. Saviour
sacred_arhitecture_church_svspasAlthough there are some elements of Gothic characters, it is considered to be the first comprehensive style Renaissance buildings in Dubrovnik. The church was rose as a sign of gratitude after a major earthquake. Even noblewomen brought stone and timber to the builders. Concerts of classical music are held in this church these days... 

Sinagoga i muzej u DubrovnikuSynagogue and the Museum in Dubrovnik are owned by Jewish community. Of all Sephardi Jews synagogue in the world that are still active, this is the oldest in the world and second oldest in Europe. It was built by the Jews from Spain who arrived in Dubrovnik. The Jewish community of Dubrovnik owns a small Jewish fountain located on the Pile, too, and the cemetery located on Boninovo - Dubrovnik's main cemetery.
Serbian Orthodox Church
Sprska pravoslavna crkvaLocated in the street Od Puča, it was established in 1400. In this church there is collection of icons with the same name as the church. It is open for visitors from 9 AM - 1 PM. 

Masjid - Islamic house of worship located in the street Miha Pracata.
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